Sunday, October 01, 2017

Bummer Stretch

The month of September is gone and so is my fitness and a few chances. The month kicked off with me getting a cold.A wicked, almost lose your voice deal and, of course, the joint pain and all that comes with a hard cold/flu-like deal. I never was so bad I couldn't function in a daily, normal way, but cycling beyond my commute to work was not happening. In fact, there for a while my commute to work was a stretch.

I did all the right things for two weeks. Rested a lot. Drank lots of water. Ate well. Then I went on a week vacation, so no cycling at all. Then when I got back, although I felt great on my trip and thought I was over it, the cold came back and reminded me I wasn't. It wasn't as bad, but I felt really stiff and sore. I knew that if I did go to the Spotted Horse, it would be a short ride. Then an individual helping the race promoter made a statement on Facebook that said, "You'd better bring your 'A game' for this course.....", or something similar, and that pretty much made up my mind. I had no "A game". That was pretty discouraging.

So, I made the call of shame.

Then something else happened which was a financial blow to me and even if I had stayed in the game that would have taken me out anyway. So, it just wasn't meant to be. No Spotted Horse for me no matter what.


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Derek said...

Sorry about your stretch of bad fortune. I had picked up some St. Louis beer (not A-B!) to bring to you at Spotted Horse. I'll have to drink it and bring up some fresh at Trans IA v. 14!