Monday, October 09, 2017

Spotted Hoarse

Young horses on the field: The team my son is on- West High Wahawks
You've probably read here that my Spotted Horse entry was passed on since I wasn't prepared to ride the 200 miles I signed up for. That was because I contracted a bad cold early in September which saw me only doing a few commutes by bike for about three weeks straight. So, I called off my attempt at that long gravel event.

Well, in the meantime, last Thursday, I attended my son's freshman football game. I yelled a lot, since, well, that is what I did when I played football. I yelled a lot of encouragement. A few other fathers in attendance were also of like mind, so we were quite the "chorus" of encouragement. Anyway, during the game it rained as well. So, I also got wet.

Friday my voice was toast, and I felt drained. Yep.......relapse. Sunday it was even worse. I had a headache, lightheadedness, and  a lack of energy.'s a really good thing I did not go to the Spotted Horse. Had I tried to ride in that, who knows how bad I would have ended up.

So, I actually didn't do any Trans Iowa business, other than to post the names from post cards I have received, and I didn't even work on my bicycles. Too tired to. I did drink lots of lemongrass tea and honey to nurse my hoarse voice . I did rest all day Sunday minus the walk I took just to get out of the house.

Hopefully y'all had a lot more exciting weekend than I did!


Kevin said...

Hope you feel better Guitar Ted. I've been in the process of a move and had a big plan for a mixed terrain ride Sunday but instead opted for some miles on the couch due to fatigue.

blooddoc23 said...

GT, that's so fun that you get to enjoy your sons sporting events. Its a truly great time in life! I found that it was lot more fun cheering for kids than actually playing the sports myself. Get better fast so you can enjoy what good fall weather we have left from a bicycle seat. R/

coop6 said...

You were missed at Spotted Horse, GT! My entire fall race schedule similarly imploded, so while your decision to not come was disappointing I can totally relate. Sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you planned. Hope you feel better soon!

Guitar Ted said...

@All- Thanks for the good words everyone. I am feeling on the upswing again. Hopefully I'll finally pull out of this funk.