Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall Views: B&W

I am coming to point where the black and white imagery is starting to make more sense to me again. The greens and colors from flowers has faded and Fall isn't really popping like it has in the past. So, I decided to shoot a few shots in black and white on my "Dirt Home From Work" ride the other day.

I've been riding the Singular Buzzard hard tail of late. It is a bike that was arguably a little ahead of its time. A slack head angle, short-ish rear end, and a long travel fork. I think it was really meant to have a 120mm travel fork on it but I run a 140mm travel MRP fork on it which really makes the bike a bruiser. It isn't light, by any stretch, and it feels nearly indestructible with that burly steel frame.

The wheels are a bit unusual as well. Velocity USA Duallys with On One tires set up tubeless and they look positively beastly on those rims. This bike is not going to get mistaken for an XC rig anywhere. That's for sure! That said, there are a few things, due to its forerunning status, that were missed in the design that are ubiquitous on other bikes of this ilk these days. Things like a port for an internally routed dropper post, through axle rear drop outs, and Boost spacing.

But one can live, and certainly ride just as well, without those finer details. The Buzzard is a fun, capable, and good looking bike. It's my only geared mountain bike these days, and by the way, it is 2X 10! Not the usual 1X fare here. Well, anyway, here are some views in black and white from my last week's riding of the Buzzard.


hank said...

GT, Howdy;

Nice B&W pics. Question, What are thos 'V' shaped objects in the bottom pic?


Guitar Ted said...

@hank h- The objects in question are actually in the three bottom pictures. They are cement "I" beams typically used in bridge construction. They have been sitting in this area of woods near the Cedar River for decades, I have no idea what they were intended for.

Rydn9ers said...

I have gotten my first 2 1X setups the last year, on the Bucksaw I'm happy with the setup and it makes sense for the purpose that bike is intended for. The Fargo I think could use a 2X setup given how many different duties this bike can do and do well. I think it's going to be a long road of experimenting to find just the right gearing with a 1X setup such as it is. I suppose if I can't make it work I can always go 2X on it, they had it on last years Fargo so it should be possible and it might be worth it for the horrified look on the shop mechanics face.