Sunday, October 29, 2017

Trans Iowa v14: Registration Has Closed!

The registration for the next Trans Iowa has ended. There are 84 people vying for 50 spots. There will be a lottery drawing on October 31st and the roster will be completed that evening. 50 names will be uploaded to the Roster Page adding to the 70 already there and we will have our 120 rider limit.

So, what's next? Well, training, training, training! Then at some point some of the riders will get injured, have "life" happen, get sick, get married, change jobs, etc...... Six months is a long time for things to come up. If that happens to anyone on the roster, I ask that they let me know as soon as possible so I do not waste resources on them before the event takes place. It really matters to me that people do this.

Anyway, I do not maintain a waiting list or allow transfers. Obviously, it would be a near miracle for Trans Iowa to end up with 120 folks on the start line in Grinnell in late April. It is more likely that we will end up around 80-ish riders, maybe a few less, maybe a few more. The curious amongst you may wonder what the biggest field ever was and that would be from T.I.v10 when we had 106 starters. That was the most since the roster limit was raised to 120 for T.I.v9 which saw 91 people start. The last two Trans Iowas have seen a precipitous drop off of riders by the event start time. T.I.v12 had 83 riders while T.I.v13 had 75 riders. What will happen for T.I.v14? Who knows.

All I know now is that I have a lottery drawing to do on Tuesday!

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