Tuesday, October 23, 2018

News Season Part 1: Industry Nine Announces The A 35 Stem

The new Industry 9 A 35 stem is available in a bunch of colors and several different lengths.
Industry 9 Announces The A 35 Stem:

If you have been paying attention, you know that Enduro and Downhill racers have been gravitating toward 35mm stem clamp diameter stems and handlebars. Industry 9 noticed too.

The newest product and one not related to wheels, (unusual here), they have is named after Industry 9's five axis machining centers, (The "A Axis", to be specific), and is a 35mm stem clamp diameter. It is available in four lengths and a myriad of different colors. Industry 9 will even mix a different face plate color in there for an upcharge.

MSRP for single color A 35 stems is $125.00 and two color versions are $140.00. The stems are available now. Completely designed and manufactured in Asheville, NC.

Comments: This was a bit of a surprise to me. Industry 9 is branching out here and making a cool looking component. This kind of reminds me of the mid-90's American machinists boom in the mtb world with all the in-house machining and anodizing.

Now, the whole 35mm stem and handle bar thing is an unknown to me......now. I have a set up on my Singular Cycles Buzzard in this standard, but I haven't really tested it out yet. With the season winding down, I may not get around to it either. We'll see. But back to the stem!

Yeah, so this may be your new standard going forward for mtb's. It's good to see another option and it is curious as it makes one wonder what Industry 9 might come up with next. Are they the "Paul Components" of the East? Maybe not that quite yet, but I could see it.

Note- Industry 9 provided the information and image for this post.

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