Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Six String Side: 2011 Fender Telecaster Limited Edition

This is a new one to me. Really new......
When I started this blog over ten years ago, I stated that it was a "Bicycle and guitar oriented elixir....". Well, the "guitar" part sort of got pushed out by the bicycle stuff, but I've always been playing. In the Easter post, I mentioned playing my '90 Strat, and someone suggested I detail the fleet, so here ya go. Hopefully ya'll enjoy the change in pace. I'll post something periodically throughout the year. Here's #9

Okay, so this is really weird. I just got this guitar yesterday. 

That's right. Yesterday.

I didn't plan on it, and it was a total surprise, and this post is more about the story than the guitar. So, here goes.......

I've always wanted a Telecaster. They just have that certain sound that no other guitar can quite manage. Now, if you have a lot of guitars, you really don't need another one. (Yes- N+1 exists for guitars, but....) I resisted getting one, and in fact, I'd never ever given one a whirl. That is, until just this year. The whole situation was unplanned and the Tele I played was this very guitar. 

Many of you have seen my blog profile and know from that that I play in my church worship band. (Look up there on top of the right column for it) Well, one Sunday my guitar jack went kaput and I was going to have to call Mrs. Guitar Ted and have her bring over another guitar. But our Worship Director, Michael, said, "Hey, just grab my Tele. It's in the back." So, I got to play a Tele, and man! I really liked it. Then a few weeks later I had a cord go bad, but I thought it was the output jack I had just had repaired. We switched out to the Tele again, but then realized it was the cord. So, I was just going to swap back, but Michael said I could play the Tele again if I wanted to. I did, so I played it again. And once again- man that was good! 

Telecaster- The classic Fender design from the early 1950's.
Michael said I could play it anytime I wanted. It was a guitar he kept at the church. Of course, that was a gracious offer, and maybe if I ever needed a back up for some reason. But yeah...... That was that as far as I was concerned. I was just going to keep playing my guitars, most likely, and never play a Tele again, or I'd end up just having to buy one.

So, I was out riding yesterday when the phone goes off and it was a text alert. I pulled over thinking it was most likely my wife, but it was Michael. He wanted to come over to the house. I said I would get a hold of him when I got back from my ride. I was about ten miles or so out from the truck. When I got back to the truck I had to load up, drive across town, and unload.

So for the rest of the ride I am thinking of all these terrible things that it might be. Then I had to just tell myself to chill out. You see, I am a terrible worrier. I have a vivid imagination, and sometimes the two things can be a curse. Anyway, I got calmed down and when I got home I waited on the front porch for Michael to arrive. It was too nice outside to sit indoors.

Michael eventually pulls up and gets something out of the back of his SUV. It is a guitar case. I was puzzled. He walks up to me and we chit-chat a few seconds and then he says, "Well, I'm here because I wanted to give you this guitar."

Blown Away.

Yeah, so this is the newest addition to the stable. I didn't deserve it, and while you may not believe, I have only God to thank for this gift. Well.......and Michael too. He decided to listen........


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Sweet! Very nice guitar, and good story on how it arrived.

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Congratulations! That is a great story!

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VERY cool!