Monday, October 01, 2018

Soggy Outing

Grey skies and wet gravel. Oh......did I mention it is rather cool as well?
Fall 2018 has been a rather wet one, as many have figured out by now. It also has turned the corner to cooler. Much cooler than it was two weeks ago. Then we were contending with 90's, humid air, and Summer was seemingly unstoppable. But wouldn't you know it? The day it turned to Fall the temperatures dropped like a rock. Now it is 40-50 degrees cooler than it was just two weeks ago. Dig out the woolens!

It is so hard to predict Fall and when Winter will begin, but if we have as much Fall as we had for Spring, it wont be long before it is Winter-like here again. Spring lasted like what..........two weeks? It wasn't long. So, maybe Fall will be a bust and Winter will come on strong sooner than later. Who knows?

All I know is that when you get caught out in the rain, with no rain gear, and it is in the lower 40's, you need to push hard on the pedals to stay warm! Fortunately, I only rode through enough rain to get me soaked, then it quit. The wind started drying me out right away, and by the time I made it back home, I was comfortable enough. I had to cut the ride short though, not knowing how long it was going to rain for.

Heading home I thought about how I've watched other riders in gravel events tough it out in the rain and how I wondered how they managed. Again, I guess you just gotta keep moving and keep the furnace stoked. But however they do it, all I know is that I didn't want to get caught in another shower, so when I made it home and it hadn't rained for most of the way back, I was relieved.

As I stepped under the roof of my porch, it cut loose again. I laughed. Perfect timing!

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