Thursday, October 04, 2018

Washing Day

Laid out to dry
That blazing ball of gaseous fire appeared in the sky again Wednesday and it was accompanied by warmer, humid air, not unlike that of a mid-July day. It was also very windy. Plans were to get shorn at the local barber shop and then to go out for a ride.

The first part happened and, well......the second part kind of did. A broken rear spoke sent me packing back home just after getting started. I didn't have another bike ready and I would have needed about the same amount of work on any of them to get out again. Well, any of the gravel rigs, that is. I've got  lot of tubeless maintenance to get through, and then I should be golden, but I've been putting it off and now this. Bah! 

Anyway, I decided that this other thing I've been putting off- namely the washing of a couple of my wool jerseys- was now a thing to get done. I have certain practices I employ when I wash my woolens and they have proven to be effective in keeping the jerseys I have used this practice on in tip-top shape.

Essentially I just hand wash them in a big five gallon bucket I have. Then I lay them out in the Sun to dry, and the windier the better. Well, that described Wednesday to a "T", so I went to work on that. Now my "Summer" weight stuff is ready to be put away for Winter.

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