Saturday, October 17, 2020


Ready and waiting for Winter
 Well, compare last weekend to this weekend and the contrast couldn't be greater. Last weekend we reached 80°F during the day and this weekend we are down to freezing temperatures in the morning and maybe 66°F today and about 20 degrees cooler than that for tomorrow. The Winter/cold weather gear is going to get a work-out now! Wool me NOW! ha! 

I cannot complain. Last year October was washed out with so much rain that any riding in the country was postponed until November. We went from Summer-like temps in September to freezing cold by the time we could ride again in early November. Now we have just basically extended September into halfway into October and we're moving into November two weeks early compared to last year. Well......we will see. It all could warm back up or go straight to snow in a matter of two weeks. Who knows?

All I know is that time is running out. Time to review stuff. The time to get "The Quest" accomplished. The time to get in a fat bike century. Pretty soon it'll be deep Winter, 2021, and new goals and desires will take over. "Gotta get to gettin'", as they say around here. 

I'll probably start breaking out the Ti Muk 2 here soon. It's been tuned and ready to go for months now, but I need to re-up the sealant in the tires and see if Rohloff has any of that fluid stuff to clean up the hub and do a fluid change. I'm due there. Anyway, I'll be out battling winds today. More soon......


Greg said...

I'm looking to fabricate a fuller rear fender for my Otso Voytek and wonder what you used for the rear fender on the Ti Muk 2?

Guitar Ted said...

@Greg- I used a Mud Shovel from PDW. I hacked in a bit of extra on the end using a typical fork 'splash guard' made for a fat bike. I cut slots in to work around the Salsa rack and tied it all on using zip ties.