Monday, October 05, 2020


Can't show you much more than this.....yet!
I always get a little nervous at about this time of the year when companies send out new stuff for me to review. It becomes a game of "will the weather hold out?" and me worrying about that. I shouldn't worry about it. Usually it never is a big deal, plus, I am getting things in a much more timely manner since Interbike died. Back then, it was always a thing where companies wouldn't send out review samples until after Interbike and that might be mid-October to the first week of November. That really put the screws to me time-wise. 

So, anyway, I got a slew of things in to take a look at and that meant set up time, testing to make sure I got things right, and reworking some things that didn't go right the first time. There were victories and defeats. I'll have to revisit the Lab and do more work yet. It's been a busy weekend and that's on top of family time and other obligations. Busy-busy! Better than the alternative. That's for sure! 

One thing did work out marvelously well and I'm pretty stoked about this. I cannot wait until the embargo is over in about two plus weeks. I think folks will be very surprised and stoked on this news. But there were other things that were not as successful and I have to kind of temper my reactions a bit until I understand exactly what went wrong. Then there are things I have coming up that are here but I just haven't gotten to yet. Some of this stuff was mentioned on the latest Riding Gravel Radio Ranch podcast. (You'll have to listen in to figure that cagey bit out.) 

So, I did get out on a ride Saturday, but it was all on the down low, so I won't be sharing details just yet. The 'inter-urban test loop' proved to be fun and a good outing, since it was sort of spitting rain here, but I dodged most of that. Sorry about all the non-disclosure, but that's my life sometimes. This weekend being a perfect example of that.

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