Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Pushed Pause For Maintenance

A much needed break for some maintenance was taken over the weekend.
 'Creak.....creak....creak...' It wasn't getting better. It wasn't going away. You may have heard something similar on your bikes from time to time. The 'cry for maintenance' from the bike. 

I knew I needed to heed the call and last weekend, with forecast temps into the 80's-90's and high winds of 25mph with gusts up to 40mph, it was a great time for me to plan to do the deeds. Plus I had those new chains and the 'Lube-Off' to get going. It all just made sense to me to take the time to get the stuff done. 

So, the first thing was the Twin Six Standard Rando v2 which had developed a noise from the rear wheel. I think the bolt on axle drop out plates were to blame here. The bolts which fix them to the frame were all juuust a tiny bit loose. That seemed to take that noise down to almost nothing. I may have to do a bit further research into that one. 

The next job was cleaning up the Noble Bikes GX5. It really needed it! Plus that bike had developed a slight creak from the bottom bracket area. I figured it was the thread-together PF-30 insert from Wheels Manufacturing. A wrench to the interface for the component revealed that it needed only a slight 'snugging up' and that was taken care of. Meanwhile, I double checked all the chain ring bolts. Yep! Every one of them was slightly loose. 

I am an example of 'one', as they say, but my takeaway is that 1X systems and less than 5 chain ring bolts puts a lot more stress on chain ring bolts and in ways not normally seen on 2X and 3X systems where lateral loading is not as common. But that's just my theory. I do know that many mechanics are reporting 12 speed (which is mostly 1X set ups) are wearing out chains laterally before they wear out in the traditional way. So, there is that supporting evidence as well. 

The Standard Rando needed some TLC too.

Well, then the new chain went on and with that drive train all spiffed up, I can now turn my attention to the final bike (for now) that needs attention and that is the pink BMC MCD. That bike is also getting a new chain and a good once over. While it doesn't have any noises to track down, I still need to make sure it has been gone over. 

Once I get through that, my three main gravel rigs will have been spiffed up for the 2021 season. I will need to look at the Fargo soon as well. That bike is in line for some new drive train bits, but with the current shortages, I am still not in possession of all the parts necessary to do what I want to do with that bike. So it is kind of on the back-burner, in terms of maintenance.

And with things going the way they have been, I just don't know when that work on the Fargo will happen. It could be that I don't ride it much this year due to all of that. I had made plans on getting new wheels built up for it but I have put that all on hold for the time being since everything is so difficult to get now. I have an option I could exercise there with the Fargo, but it will depend upon a couple of other things happening first, which are also parts dependent. 


But whatever, right? I have three bikes which will be just fine and single speed bikes which will work just fine and on and on.... I have nothing to complain about! Besides, I managed to quell the noises 100% on the Noble GX5 and I have almost done that with the Standard Rando v2. I count those as major victories. Not to mention me finding time to go do the work in the first place! So, all is rolling well here. 

Now for some riding!

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