Monday, November 07, 2022

Getting Lit: Part 2

Hooray! the light is on its way! Saturday I received an email from the folks at Angry Catfish that they had received a few Schmidt Edelux II lights and wondered if I wanted a polished silver or a satin silver one. 

I went with the shiny silver one, and so I should have it in hand by the end of the week. I have to say- so far anyway- that Angry Catfish has been really good in terms of customer service. I am impressed. Typically you do not get emails direct from employees and any emails you do get are auto-generated types, if you even get that. So, I am noting that this experience has been reassuring and, as I say- so far- very impressive. 

I should also note that I am getting the standard wired version in a longer length, not the coaxial cable type shown here, mostly because I needed to have a longer wire and the coaxial cable in the extra long length is seemingly not available, or at least I did not see that option. I could have missed that, but if I did, it's okay. I'm alright dealing with wires, especially so since I "MacGyvered" a conduit from an air pump hose to run the wires through anyway. 

Quick update on my weekend: Rain! Wind! So, no real riding at all. I'll be out again, hopefully this week, so look for more "Brown Season" posts soon!

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