Saturday, November 26, 2022

No Burn For You!

Somewhere in New York, N.Y. Roll was Turkey Burnin'
 A week and a half ago now I posted regarding the second attempt at a "Virtual Turkey Burn". A poke in the ribs to those who might enjoy a bit of a challenge to get out and ride over this holiday weekend here in the U.S.A. 

Well, as it turned out, a week ago I started feeling a cold coming on. A typical head cold, for sure, and it deepened as the weekend progressed until on Tuesday this week when I felt horrible. I have not had a cold like this for several years. (Are masks to blame? Social distancing?) Anyway, the lingering effects of this are slow to wear off and well, it isn't wise to go out into cold weather and stress your body when it is fighting illness already. 

So, I had to sit and watch this short window of beautiful weather go by and miss getting in a Turkey Burn ride to boot. (sigh!) But at least I know folks like N.Y. Roll are out there trying to get in as many miles as they can over this period of time. 

He was in New York visiting family right after that wicked heavy lake effect snow they had up that way. His native grounds "only" received around two feet of the white stuff. Fortunately for N.Y. Roll the weather cooperated up that way as well and some of that snow has melted off allowing for some road cycling up his way. Today's image is courtesy of N.Y. Roll's Instagram, by the way.

I'm not sure if anyone else is "participating" in this endeavor, I only know that I will not be doing any country riding until I am healthy again. It's getting better every day, but the experts claim that the typical cold takes about 12-14 days to recover from. If that is true, I can expect to start feeling a whole lot more like myself around Wednesday or Thursday of this coming week. 

Just in time for it to be frigid cold again. Of course!

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MG said...

Sorry to hear about your cold. I’m just getting over that junk and can confirm it’s a persistent little bug. I didn’t get out Thursday, but was able to ride Tuesday night, Wednesday and Friday, so it’s been a good long weekend of riding here so far.

Cheers, Brother!!