Thursday, November 17, 2022

Well, Now This

Snowy commute
So, yeah.... When it snows here the whole dynamic of my cycling here changes. The air temperature dives, it gets windy, and that's certainly part of it as well. But snow, that's a whole different thing. 

I certainly will, and I have in the past, cycle in snow on snowy roads out in the country. But I won't if it gets icy, and then you've got that aforementioned wind and weather. It gets where conditions are rare for a safe, fun ride. I'm at a point in life where I've got nothing to prove to anyone. If things get bad out there in the Winter, well, I could go riding, but I don't have to do that. Why? There is no reason to. 

What I did have to do was to make sure my bikes are ready for Winter and that they have the proper set up. I have already detailed the light thing for Ti Mukluk 2. But I have two other fat bikes and those have to be gotten ready to go. 

I decided to roll out the Blackborow DS for sprucing up for this Winter. It didn't need much, to be honest. It's such a simple bike. I almost didn't have it this year to have to spruce it up. 

Last year I was in a place at about this time of the year that I knew I was out of a job. The pandemic pretty much put a stranglehold on the shop at the time and product was hard to come by to sell. That made it so that Andy decided to call it quits. And I was looking at not having any income for the Winter. But I have three fat bikes, so.....

The Blackborow DS is all ready to roll into 2023.

So I thought about selling the Blackborow DS. I almost had it sold, but the guy didn't bite in the end. I was disappointed, but another opportunity came along and I received some unexpected help so everything worked out for the best. But it almost happened.

So, two fat bikes out of the three are set to go, but look- We just got started with Winter here. Maybe things will swing back the other way and I'll be riding the gravel bikes again soon. Hard to say. But it's good to be ready for this- What we have going on right now.


DT said...

Ya know what would be a cool series? Something along the lines of "The Bikes of Guitar Ted." Maybe it's been done here before, but I can't remember. I bet I could name a bunch of the one you posted here, but certainly not all.

T6 gravel bus
Noble G5
BFD cargo bike
Tamland 2
Orange Crush
Pink MCD
G1 Fargo
Fat bikes
I know I'm forgetting a bunch...

Guitar Ted said...

@DT - ha ha! Well, I kind of do this every December with my "Bikes Of 20XX" posts. That lists changes slightly year to year, so I know it seems like the same bikes are shown over and over again. But yeah, you are right- I've never just shown all in one series.

That seems a little pretentious, to be honest. That's why I've never done that.

john said...

Pretentious? - you are about bikes - the bike.