Sunday, February 19, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different!

My wife, Phyllis models the hat I got in my swag bag at Frost Bike today.

I didn't think it was my color!

The desk at the office in the palatial Guitar Ted Headquarters is now covered in swag! The QBP people really appreciate their dealers! Thanks guys!

Today I thought my arms were not going to be able to bear the load! I got totally swagged at Frost Bike today! Craaaaaazzzzy! This is what I have to remember when I'm doing the ninety last minute tune ups the day before Ragbrai this July! (If you do not understand what "Ragbrai" is, count yourself lucky!)

Anyway, I had a chance to meet some of the exceptionally cool people that work in this industry today. It's always a pleasure to talk to someone about bikes, and know that when you look them in the eye, that they get it! Nuff said.

Some of these mavens of cool were the guys that work for Salsa Cycles. They put out a call on on the 29"er forum regarding a get together for all attendees into the 29"er kool-aid! Well, much to my surprise, only two of us showed up! What's up widdat! That's not a good representin' there, people. Well, I did benefit from the low turn out. It seems that there was a giveaway planned for anyone showing up to enter into. The "door prize", if you will, was a pair of the brand spankin' new Salsa Delgado Disc 29"er rims! Only the very rims that I wanted for my Inbred build! Now I had a 50- 50 chance at getting them! As it turned out, I did get them! Thanks to everyone at Salsa!

On to the few newsy bits! On tires, I found out that Maxxis is planning on bringing a 29" version of the CrossMark tire to the public. This is a VERY fast rolling tire! Racy! And also, they are getting a supposedly 2.35 tire out in the Advantage tread style. This would be awesome news for those wanting a more aggressive, wide, high volume tire for 29"ers. As for anything else out there, I didn't hear or see much. WTB was showing a 29"er DualDuty rim, but I think that came out at Interbike, so not so new!

I bugged the Schwalbe guy again about 29"er tires, which he took in stride really well, and actually was very receptive. It's ze Jair-mohns that need the convincing, apparently. Oh well, our votes are going in for the Racing Ralph, so keep your fingers crossed!

All in all, a very fun outing! Tomorrow.......back to endurance racing talk! Until then............

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