Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Breaking News

I have been documenting the developement of Fisher's 29" wheeled Super Caliber Race Day model since I first got word on it last year.

Now it is appearing on the Fisher website. Here is the image, (bottom pic) that they have up there. It's obvious that they have changed a few things since the prototypes were pictured late last summer. Most notable among the visible changes is the reformed top tube, which is oddly straighter than the bent top tube of the proto and of the 292/293's before it. (Note: the proto type is on top) Another change can be seen in the swingarm. The swing arm link is alot cleaner looking and seems to appear to have a different geometry than the proto type. Perhaps the chainstays look shorter? It's hard to tell from that angle. I know that this bike is designed for only three inches of travel, but that rear tire looks pretty close to the seat tube already! Perhaps it's less than two inches?

Lot's of questions! I'll have to look out for more info on this one.

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