Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trans Iowa Recon Report

Well, it's done! Jeff and I have returned home with a sucessful recon mission in the bag. I'm glad that part is over! Now it will be on to the details and loose ends. We have some plans coming to implement a couple of ideas that came up at our meeting with Ward Budweg and Rich Gosen today up in Decorah. These ideas should be simple to implement and make the event better. Details will follow in an update sent to the racers, via e-mail.

This was Jeff's first look at the course and he liked what he saw. (phew!) I was glad that it was almost all there. Just a couple of things didn't work out as planned, but that's why we have to drive the course. Sometimes the maps are wrong or outdated. Sometimes it's road construction- whatever! We have to physically verify that everything is as planned.

As far as the course and it's condition; the 2006 version of Trans Iowa will be much tougher than last year! Several features will play into this, but let's just say that many folks are going to find out that Iowa is not flat! We could see that the course had been very soft in the last week or so due to our unseasonably warm temperatures. However; those that thought the frost was out of the ground are sadly mistaken! The recent cold snap had the roads frozen solid. We could even drive the "B" sections! The longer it stays below freezing, the deeper that frost will go, especially now that the snow cover is completely gone. What does that mean for Trans Iowa? Probably some messy roads, that's what!

I've got some more pictures to share, but Mr. 24 should be posting something up, so I'll wait to see what he doesn't use, and I'll go from there!

For now, enjoy the pictures in the previous post, and I'll be back after a much needed rest!

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