Monday, February 13, 2006

Cannondale 29"er: Love and Hate!

Some enterprising fellow posted a thread on the 29"er site on pointing folks to a comment section on Cannondale's "Brad Blog" concerning Cannondale's possible entry into the big wheeled market. Well, this fellow got a surprise, I'm sure.

It seems that people love to hate. Here this guy puts it out there that,"... if you would like to see Cannondale make a 29"er, then post here", and then people start bagging on Cannondale. They start posting things like, 'who cares if the big companies come in now', and other such highly intellectual statements. Did they even read the original posters message? It would appear that they did not!

Here we have a community of people all interested in the same thing, (29"ers) and yet we see these sorts of responses that are counter productive to 29"ers as a whole, and certainly to those interested in a Cannondale 29"er. This sort of thoughtless commentary is very detrimental. ( with emphasis on the mental part!)

Well, anyway................I put up the link here so if you have anything intellegent to say, then all means, post away!

If not, well then.................go ride your bike! By the time you are done and out of breath you'll have forgotten the whole thing! (I hope!)

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