Friday, February 10, 2006

Rather "Trans Iowa-like" Isn't It?

Here is some good news for those of you that think Trans Iowa is a good idea. While others are questioning your sanity, you can go test your mettle at two new events. I have mentioned these events before, but now more solid information is available for you to chew on. Who will be the first person to complete all three events? Will they be the the proud bearer of the title of Triple Crown of Lunacy? Or.....will they be endurance heroes forever? Time will tell!

The Dirty Kanza 200

The EnduroSnob Epic

(My feeling is that a certain Canadian enduro freak will be the chosen one!)

In other endurance news: Will somebody please get these guys on some bikes already! Read and be amazed! This baffles me as to why someone wouldn't jump on board to provide a bike sponsorship to these two guys. You couldn't put someone on your payroll that was a better promoter of equipment! Sponsor these guys and reap the rewards, yo!

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