Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bar Time

When the subject of handle bars for mountain bikes comes up I always take notice. I am always interested in the designs and philosophies behind each design that comes around. Lately, there has been alot to be interested in!

My interest in handlebars for off roading started when I started riding a mountain bike in 1989. I had a co-worker at the time that was a motocross and streetbike nut. Since I figured that some of the handle bar issues I was having were similar to motocross issues, I would often ask him for his ideas on the matter. It was through these initial discussions that the quest for the perfect handle bar was born!

So, have I found it yet? Well, no. I'm getting closer though! This next couple of posts will describe my process, and along the way I'll divulge my opinionated reasons for my choices. Perhaps you will glean a few good ideas for your own personal setup. Until next time...................

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