Saturday, February 11, 2006

A 29"er Nutcase!

I was recently portrayed as a "29"er nutcase" on Buchanandales blog yesterday. Hmm..........perhaps I resemble that remark! At any rate, read through Carlos' post yesterday, and be sure to give your two cents worth in his comments section. Industry people actually read his blog, by the way. (Not sure exactly why they do..........heh heh! Just kiddin' Carl!)

And speaking of 29"ers........ It looks as though Brant from OnOne Cycles has brought to life another idea! This time it's a Scandium hardtail, gear specific, disc specific frame set. So what, you say? Well, believe it or not, but there is currently about zero framesets available in this configuration at a wide level. Sure, you could buy custom, but this will be reletively inexpensive, which is unheard of right now in the world of big wheels. A Scandium hardtail, fairly cheap, gear specific, built they way you want it, or out of your existing parts? Yeah........these will sell out way fast! No word as to when this might become available, but I'd guess later on this year.

Then, speaking of custom options, I submit this for your approval. This Oswald guy is amazing! Check out the link, really, this is that cool! The workmanship is top notch, and he does it all by hand!

That's about it for your Saturday reading pleasure! One final bit..........Who thinks Mr. 24 should be on a 29"er? Grassroots team sponsorship? Sound off! LATE!

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