Monday, February 06, 2006

Back In The Chaingang

Went back to work today. Went back to winter again! Oh well, it is February after all! It's amazing how fast you get acclimated to warmer weather. I was pretty chilled today at 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Last December, I would have been just fine with that temperature. Riding to work in a stiff Northwest wind, I was reminded how hard it is to breath in the cold, sharp air. Legs didn't function as well, and they got the hurt put on 'em today. Oh well, it'll make riding this summer that much easier, right?

That Trans Iowa trip was long, but fun. I am slightly jealous of the guys and gals signed up for it. It's going to be tough, but really least I think so! The funny thing about the course was that comment that Rich Gosen made to me. He was curious as to how we were coming into Decorah. I showed him and said that it looked pretty tough. He said that "if you really want to brutalize the riders, you could do it." He then showed me a route that he said made the hills we were using look tame by comparison. I said that after 300 miles, the hills we were using would be plenty bad! So, just so you T.I. freaks know, I'm lookin' out for you!

Probably time to get back to some 29"er news, and to doing a bit on handlebars that I have been meaning to do since the CPU crashed. Getting back to the bike projects and riding too. I'll have a report on the annual dealer showcase that Quality Bicycle Parts puts on called FrostBike, also. Look for pics and a report soon!

Hope things are on track for you all, and if they are not, I hope they get back to it soon!

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