Sunday, February 12, 2006

Specialized 29"er in '07?

The comments section for this post on Twenty Nine Inches. com has a very interesting comment about Specialized coming out with a 29"er or a line of 29"ers for '07.

If, indeed, the news came out of Morgan Hill it would make sense as all specs for next years bikes are being wrapped up right now. This means that Specialized already knows what bikes are coming to our shores for the '07 model year.

And.......if this is all REALLY true.............what impact will that have on the other large companies? Cannondale, Giant, and Trek? Obviously, Trek has their bases covered with Fisher, and could feasably rebadge/ repaint a Fisher model to have a 29"er tomorrow, if they wanted to. Cannondale sounds like they are seriously considering the idea of a Lefty equipped hardtail. Giant? Well, they can't even figure out which athletes to sponsor much less get their wheelsize right!

Of course, this also begs the question, "Is this the "Next Big Thing" in the cycling world? It is starting to appear that the "big" boys believe that's so!

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