Thursday, June 15, 2006

Love Removal Machine

Every morning I get up and read the news and views on the ol' net here. It's better than a news paper, since I don't have to dispose of anything when I'm done with it. Well, at least in a physical sense. Mentally the trash still piles up. Which brings me to bicycles. Yeah, bicycles. They are a great way for me to "take out the trash" that accumulates on my mind. The stuff that I read about, the stress from daily grinding, and the pent up energy all need to get dumped. The bicycle is the perfect vehicle for it.

I can get out there, even on my commute to work, and get alot of crap unloaded. The longer the ride, the better though. That's why I like the longer rides. You get to download and then re-load. The smells, the sights, and the sounds of nature are something that can re-charge you. Inspiring the mind and spirit. Forgetting about...........well, what ever you need to forget about. Feeling real pain, you put the percieved pains into perspective, and things don't seem quite so bad.

Anyway, words are pretty useless to describe what "it" is. All I can say is, "it" works. I feel so much better after a ride. That's why bicycles are the perfect machine for dealing with "junk". Yep, the internet is the perfect newspaper and the bicycle is the perfect way to dispose of that "paper".

Are you spending too much time on the "digital paper"? It's a Love Removal Machine!

Go ride your bike!

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