Monday, July 31, 2006

Heat Affected Zone

As I've said before, I don't usually get into the personal side of my life on this blog, because that's not what this is about. However; something is happening here that not only affects us all personally, but also affects this blog and bicycle riding.

Heat. Yep! And lot's of it. It's been all over the Northern Hemisphere this year and now it's our turn here in Iowa. Since I live in an old house, ( old in terms of this area, certainly not old in European terms) and our house has no air ducting, we can only air condition certain areas of the house effectively. That doesn't include certain bedrooms, so we have to "buddy up" when it comes to sleeping at night. One of those air conditioned areas is where the Guitar Ted Labratories master computer resides, so.......... Instead of waking up the people sleeping there, I am going to be a bit limited in my posting in the AM. I will post more in the afternoons for the next few days, or until this heat breaks. Just so you all will know and not wonder why the usual post in the morning isn't there.

Okay, so if you are riding your bike in this heat, please be careful! Hydrate and try to ride in cooler times of the day. Hey! It's a great time to check out those lights you were going to use this fall!

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