Monday, July 10, 2006

Woke Up With A Monster

Woke up this morning and I can say without hesitation that yes, I have some sort of sickness! So, I guess there was something to yesterday's weird ride. Oh well! I'll rest as much as I can, but with the shop swamped with pre-RAGBRAI repairs, I'll be wrenching like crazy just to get us somewhere near caught up. I haven't been posting much shop related stories or pictures of late. Perhaps a single day photo-blog blitz is in order? Some really crazy stuff comes through that boggles the mind from time to time.

Public Service Announcement: Guitar Ted Wants You! To vote, that is! Bad Idea Racing (aka Rich Dillen and "The WonderBoy) have a chance to get into The Trans Rockies Challenge by way of a contest sponsored by Race Face components. They need our help because you have to vote them into the event. The contest is into the second round and Bad Idea Racing's video will be posted onto the official contest site on Monday. (Today!) You watch all four videos and vote for the best one in that round. ( Obviously........Bad Idea Racings video, duh!) Here's what you do, sign up, watch the vids, and submit your obviously tainted vote for Bad Idea Racing on Monday (Today!) or afterwards for a week. Then Bad Idea Racing wins and goes on. Hopefully, they will become the first single speed team to compete in Trans Rockies. Rich has already done the Challenge in one gear, but there never has been a team of two to do this. Help make history! Vote Today!

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