Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cycling is........

Okay..........I admit it! I am a Tour deFrance geek! I got sucked in again, despite the pre-race doping massacre of all the top rated riders. I am sitting in front of the digital idiot box devouring all the live updates and gear stories that I can find. Same Tour- different year! So, is any of the remaining top riders going to finish? The fantasy Tour players must be in total disarray now! Valverde, Rodriquez, Dekker, and probably O'Grady go down just in yesterdays stage. Bloody pics of Hushovd and Dekker in the past few days have made me shudder.

Cycling is beautiful.

Cycling is brutal!

The Great Divide Race, down to three riders, (talk about brutal!) has Matthew Lee leaving Salida, Colorado today to continue onwards towards the final stages of the event. His fork malfunctioned again, but it has been serviced and made functional again by the guys a Absolute Bikes, who regularly service GDR competitors bikes every year.

Cycling is epic!

I went on a Fourth of July ride yesterday to celebrate the freedom we have in this country which allows me to do things like ride my bike. I put in 40 miles, out to the Scout Camp and back. Twenty of which were into a headwind. Lots of rollers and some steep hills. I wasn't feeling all that great in the morning and I didn't feel any better when I got back. The wind and hills stressed my lower back some, so I'm a bit sore and stiff today. It was a beautiful ride, though. The tiger lillies are in full force right now and lined many of the ditches with their brilliant orange colors. Purple clovers and wild roses rounded out the wild flower sightings yesterday. They all helped take my mind off the pain.

Cycling is tough.

Cycling is free!

I hope you all get to enjoy all these attributes of cycling and more soon!

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