Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Morning Edition

I got an e-mail the other day from a friend that has me thinking. You know what hapens when I start thinking? Trouble- that's what! Ha ha! No, maybe not this time, but I have an idea for a couple of posts that should be interesting based upon the e-mail I got. No time to develope it here today, but look for an outline of what I have in mind in tomorrows post.....or heck! I just might start the whole thing tomorrow! We'll see......

Rob Pennell of Badger Cycles has been getting some great exposure over on the 29"er forum lately and I predict that his business will soon start to take off. These bikes of his are stunningly beautiful, creative, and priced right. That's a good recipe for a builder to get swamped with orders! I only mention this as a half a service to you, my loyal readers and to myself, to get offa my duff and order one of these things! Arrgh! I must quit looking at them..........too tempting!

The 29"er march to the mainstraem continues! Now I hear that Jamis is going to be introducing a 29"er at this falls Interbike trade show. Possibly two, a geared and a single speed bike. looks as though almost all of the "second tier" companies are coming out with 29"ers. Some of the major companies are still waiting it out, though. Companies like Giant, (who surely are already manufacturing 29"ers for the smaller companies, I would think) Specialized, ( who are rumored to be coming out with a 29"er in '08, but as yet, it is unconfirmed) and Trek, who can arguably be said to already have 29"ers since Fisher is owned by them. It won't be long, though and all of these companies will be on board. I think this years Interbike is going to be a high water mark for 29"ers, not just in bike intros, but in 29"er specific parts intros! Tires, forks, and wheels in particular. We'll wait and see.

That's it today! Get out and ride!

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