Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gratification Delayed!

Well, as many of you loyal readers probably figured out by now, the usual morning post was missing. Blogger had some technical difficulty and I couldn't access my site. So, here is a late Thursday post. Enjoy!

Doping........again!: Yep! I guess we'll have to wait on the confirmation, but it's not looking good. If ya don't know what I mean, yer better off than me! I'd rather that the whole thing go away. (I can dream, okay!)

Crooked Cog Podcast: Podcasting. You know........the often boring, sophmoric media abuse that's all the rage? Well, check this out! Tim Grahl, Supreme Emperor of the Digital Blogosphere at the Crooked Cog Network has unleashed a "podcast" featuring Tim Jackson of Masi Bikes. It's actually not really a "podcast", because it's sooo much better than that. It's really digital radio. I mean, he's got the deep throated "announcer" dude, commercials, and even a "bed", which is radio jargon for "backround music". No way is this "podcasting"! To be that, it just has to have a lo-fi vibe, no direction, and it has to suck-suck-suck. At least that describes most of the unimaginative drivel that I've heard. Your mileage may vary. This is actually informative- somewhat commercial, but definetily informative.

"Nationals": The talk of the last two weeks at the shop has been about the big event at Nine Mile this weekend. Good luck to all you enduro-freaks! I wish I could be there to document it all on an audio-blog or something, but it'd be all lo-fi, have no direction, and it would suck-suck-suck, so it's just as well! ( wink-wink!)

New Bike "Buzz": Cannondale just sent a box full of '07 catalogs to the shop today. You'd have thought it was the "Christmas Catalog" by the looks of things. We all gathered 'round and started our "wish lists". Lot's of cool product for '07 from C'Dale. Check out yer local dealer for more! Me? I'm still hoping that I can swing a Caffeine 29"er. We'll see!

That's about it for your Thursday Guitar Ted fix. An abbreviated post, but hopefully worth the wait. I'll have a rant or two to post coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned!

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