Tuesday, July 18, 2006

29"er Tires: Blowin' Up, Ya'all!

I don't mean exploding either! I mean more choices are coming our way very soon! First off, we have the Panaracer Rampage 2.35" . Samples of the tire are now being recieved and the full production run is under way. The delivery to these shores is slated to be in August. It's rumored to be quite a bit lighter than an Exi Wolf, have tough side walls, and side knobs. If this tire is all of these things in production form, we will have a new king of all mountain 29"er treads. Well..........maybe! Read on!

It seems that our brethren across the pond have taken matters into their own hands. Details are sketchy right now, but this offering looks promising as well. I do not know anything about the company or the tire as yet. I only just found out about it this morning! I'll post more when the information comes my way!

Other news: I recieved confirmation that a Raleigh XXIX is on order for me and will be recieved in the warehouse on 8-4-06. Looks like another single speed 29"er will be headed to Guitar Ted Labratories soon! Also expected in August is a Haro Mary frame set. Stay tuned!

Update on Cannondale 29"er: I was just informed that the new Cannondale 29"er will be released in September and the model name will be "Caffiene". It will be $1599.99 and availble in Team Bear Naked colors and Raw with a mostly X-7 spec and a lefty fork. More later!

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