Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's All In The Preparations

The National 24 Hour Championship Race at Nine Mile is happening this weekend, and with two of the races competitors being co-workers of mine, you can bet that the conversations are mostly about this event. It's interesting to listen to, because the level of attention to details is an eye opener.

Cannondale is going to have a presence there with a pit area/ tent set up for three solo racers including Sloane, Mr. 24, and Carlos. The whole she-bang has to be co-ordinated, planned for, and used by all three of these guys, so communications are being fired off at a machine gun rate. Hotel accomodations, travel plans, and race pit are set-up are all just parts of the multitude of things that these guys are dealing with. Add to that clothing dilemmas, and a few other snafus, and you have the makings for a mental breakdown. Seriously, I don't know how they hold it all together. Carlos is already talking about getting drunk. And you thought it was all just about riding your bike!

Well, hopefully all their details come together and they can just focus on riding a bike soon! Just a few more days now..............

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