Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bike Shop Horrors: Photo Blog

Double railed seat clamped in a standard post head with some finishing nails!

Anybody out there remember Seat Sandwiches?

I've never seen these levers before. Brake adjuster looks like something Bruce Lee would use in a fight. Suntour Death Star?

Notice STI lever posistion. We get bikes in all the time with levers posistioned so low they make my wrists and hands start to tingle! Thankfully, this fellow had had enough and requested that we move the levers into a much more comfy posistion.

Seat carnage. You'd be surprised at how many broken saddles are being ridden on out there. It can't be very comfy, but most of these folks say they don't want to replace these butt torturers! Amazing! Say, if you like pain, I know about this little gravel grinder coming up............

Here Carlos is showing us that his legs are on correctly. Somebody elses legs aren't quite on so good! We get one or two of these 'Mart bikes in every year with the "radical offset" forks.

Hope you had some fun with these and believe me, there are many more, I just don't always have the camera handy! Very hot in North America right now, so stay hydrated and get out and ride!

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