Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Horse Lattitudes

Things seem to be drifting along with the mid summer heat. Folks are busy racing, going on vacation, or getting ready to. With all of that in mind, here are some random, floaty bits that are drifting along out there...............

Fomenters of Dissent: Check out this looney toon article linked through Blue Collar Mountain Biking. You can see my commentary in the comments section on the Blue Collar blog, so I won't say much here except that this guy is pretty narrowly focused. I do happen to agree with alot of what he says about skill, gearing, and techniques, but he's mostly out to lunch on this one!

Bike Magazine on the New XTR: Bike magazine is doing a web-series on the new XTR which you can check out now for the first installment. It looks like it might be informative for those of you that are sponsored and should be a good indicator of what your teams might be sending you. The rest of us.......yeah! We'll be slumming on M-960 closeouts or on SRAM X-9 stuff. Or if you are like me, on 8 speed leftovers from the parts bin!

Tour "Hard Man": This has no doubt been on your radar screen, but bears mentioning anyway. Floyd Landis- bad hip socket- pain! Nuff said!

Exi Wolf 29"er Tire Review: Check back with The Biking Hub later for my Exi Wolf 29"er tire review which should be posted today, or tomorrow......or........ Hey! It's summer, it's hot, lazy, sweaty! Don't expect things to happen all at once! No, really! Anyway......it'll be up this week sometime, just thought I'd promo it now!

Question for Enduro-Freaks Only! Is there a place for an endurance based subject matter blog/website, on the order of Blue Collar Mountainbiking on the web? Would this idea make any sense, and what should it look like? A clearing house for enduro info like training methods, equipment, and the like? Or a reporting site, with info on events, results, and enduro culture? Ride424.com pretty much has the calendar thing locked up, but what about everything else? What say you, enduro freak? I want to know, because there is talk about setting something like this up and I might be able to get involved in it, so you are helping me satisfy a selfish desire for knowledge. There! That's my disclaimer, just so you all know!

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