Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Bits

Looking to do a Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational recon ride this weekend. Today has a front coming through with a chance of thunderstorms. They are already showing up on radar in western Iowa, so I'm deferring to Sunday, as the weather calls for sunny skies and very low chances for rain. I'll be out all day, so I'd rather avoid the rain, if possible. Look for an update on the G.T.D.R.I. site tomorrow night.

There is an interesting thread on concerning the fork trail for the new "Genesis 2" geometry introduced by Trek/Fisher for the '07 model year. Check it out. It seems that there still is some exploring to do in the geometry department for not only 29"ers, but for 26"ers too. Does it really matter? That's a question that is up for debate yet.

Well, we survived the pre-race doping scandal and the first week of LeTour. It's as wide open and exciting as ever, especially since it's not a tour where it's Lance vs. everyone else. I like it!

Speaking of races, the Great Divide Race is down to two competitors. Matthew Lee, who is in the final stages of the event in New Mexico, and Kenny Maldonado, who might be into Idaho soon. Kenny is admittedly taking his sweet time, and that's okay. It's a tough race, and I hope Kenny can pull off the whole thing and finish it up. Guaranteed no worse than second place,if he can finish, so no worries! (Well, the actual act of finishing the event not with standing!)

Question for ya: If the recent appearance of "96ers"/ 50-50 bikes is such a great idea, then why didn't these ever catch on?

Finally: Guitar Ted Wants You! To vote, that is! Bad Idea Racing (aka Rich Dillen and "The WonderBoy) have a chance to get into The Trans Rockies Challenge by way of a contest sponsored by Race Face components. They need our help because you have to vote them into the event. The contest is into the second round and Bad Idea Racing's video will be posted onto the official contest site on Monday. You watch all four videos and vote for the best one in that round. ( Obviously........Bad Idea Racings video, duh!) Here's what you do, sign up, watch the vids, and submit your obviously tainted vote for Bad Idea Racing on Monday or afterwards for a week. Then Bad Idea Racing wins and goes on. Hopefully, they will become the first single speed team to compete in Trans Rockies. Rich has already done the Challenge in one gear, but there never has been a team of two to do this. Help make history! Vote on Monday!

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