Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday/ Sunday Mutant Post

Your Flying Crane style is strong. But it's no match for my Zip Thai!!

Floyd Landis: One bad mo-fo. Winner of the Tour deFrance, unless something totally wonky happens. Will inspire thousands of cyclists to imbibe in a beer without guilt. "Hey, if Floyd can do it......."

Too many Bikes: Not Enough Money!: Let's see now.....The Raleigh XXIX is due to arrive the first week or so of August, there is a Haro Mary frameset coming, and Cannondale has a 29"er with a Lefty that I'd love to have. Anybody interested in an Inbred?

One Week To Go Till Nationals: Kerkove is already pacing like a nervous rooster. Not enough activity for him, what with this tapering. Will I have to make an attitude adjustment with my Park Pedal Wrench? Will Jeff and Carlos, ( Who is also going to Nine Mile) get into a hissy fit over who gets to place their cooler closest to the course in their shared pit area? Only a week to go before we get those answers and more!

Birthday Boy: I usually do not mention much about my personal life here, because.........well, it's personal! I'll make an exception this time to say "Happy Birthday" to my son who turns three years old on Monday. Big celebration an all of that tomorrow at Grandmas place! woot! woot!

Go Ride Yer Bike!: It's fun, it's fitness, and you might save yourself some cizzash! Do it!

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