Monday, March 17, 2008

Some Dusty Trail Photos

<===The Siren Song in quiet desert repose.

Well, the desert southwest is warm and sunny at a balmy 64 degrees today. Wind kept me in tights and a long sleeved jersey over a short sleeved one though. This mountain biking scene here may not be totally hopping, but it is awesome riding and pretty dang technical.

<=== Looking back down the trail you can see the weathered and broken exposed bedrock off camber section. One small misstep and yeeouch!

The trail was as tough as I remembered from last year, loose and rocky with plenty of ascending and descending on narrow single track. Cactus was on the trail in the form of broken off bits with spiky needles still intact. I had to dodge the ones I saw, but the Stan's sealant did it's job and I went three hours without incident.

<===More climbing on exposed bedrock.

There was quite a bit of this broken up exposed bedrock on the trail I rode. It was great until you hit a crack or seam and a gaping hole running crossway on the trail would be waiting to nab your front wheel and throw you down. I missed any crashing today. Believe me, I surely didn't want to biff on this trail! Broken bones, ripped flesh, and cactus punture wounds are not high on my list of "fun pain". What was on that list was lung busting climbs, burning thighs, and raw windpipe from all of the dust I breathed in today.
I'll get to sneak out one more time while I'm here, but I'm not sure when. I'll be sportin' four X four inches and 27 gears the next time I'm out though!

More later!

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