Friday, March 14, 2008

The Players

Well, here are the bikes that are going on the trip to Texas, (that is if the car is done today like they said it would be!) Anywho......The Siren Song single speed is set to roll. Race Face crank, 33T ring, 22T Surly cog, Chris King hubs, Stan's Flow rims with Continental Mountain King 2.4" tires mounted tubeless with Stan's. Magura Louise disc brakes, Thomson post WTB saddle, Syntace bar and stem. Cane Creek AD 5 shock, Reba fork. Ergon grips for the mits.

And the other bike- The Fisher Hi Fi Deluxe with mostly SRAM drivetrain gear with the exception of the LX Hollow Tech two piece crank. I swapped the wheels over to the Bontrager Race X Lite Tubeless Ready set, (Not shown) and mounted Dry X tires tubeless with Slime sealant for tubeless tires. The only other change from stock was to mount Ergon Grips to the bars for my mits comfort and control.

So, all is a go as long as the body shop holds it's end of the deal up. I sure hope so, because if we have to wait until Monday to leave, we are not going. It takes two days with the kids to get to El Paso, and leaving Monday to turn around and come back Saturday is not an option. So, at this late hour I'm still left in the dark as to whether or not I am going to actually get to Texas. I've had run ins with body shops all through out my life. Just another reason why cars and trucks suck. But that's another post.........

Stay tuned.......if I actually get out of town, I'll post a on the road report late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Otherwise, I'll post right away again tomorrow with the bad news. So if you don't see a new post here tomorrow, you'll know we're outta here.

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