Monday, March 24, 2008

Back In The Saddle

<===Surrealistic view: The Flint Hills at dawn Easter Sunday.

Back home and back to the routine again. Reflecting back on what just happened is a bit tough yet. My brain being addled from 24 hours of travel over two days time. Yep, 1239.3 miles to be exact.

The two bikes I took down both did fantastic jobs with the severe terrain I rode them on. Of course, as I have said, the Siren Song may have been a crazy choice as a single speed bike, but it was still a load of fun. I would highly recommend it as a platform for a single speed endurance machine. Oh so smoooooth! The Hi Fi was equally as satisfying. I was really glad I had full suspension bikes at my disposal for this trip. It is really what you need to have on the technical trails of Franklin Mountain State Park. While I love my rigid front/hardtail rear 29"ers, I wouldn't want to have to ride one down there. It's waaay too rough and rocky. At least for my ol' body it is!

So, I am back in Iowa and while it may not be very warm, at least almost all the snow is gone and it looks as though trail conditions will be improving. Right now I'm sure everything is a bit soggy, but with time it should start to come around. That's good because I have to get started riding again for several reasons, not least of which is the upcoming Dirty Kanza 200 which will be held where today's photograph was taken. It may not look like much there, but the camera only captures the tops of the hills. There is a lot more going on out there than the eye can see from I-35, I'll tell you that much! You might be very, very surprised!

While it's good to be back, I'll just be getting busier, so no more time to reflect. It's onwards and upwards from here!

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