Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day Of Ease

<===Visited some local bike shops incognito!

Well, after yesterdays sufferfest, I took today off for some recovery and to await the forecasted warmer temperatures for Wednesday. (70's for high temps) Less wind too, not that it is a problem, but hopefully less dust will be in the air. I inhaled my fair share on Monday, that's for sure!

Anyway, we all got out and just hit up some shops and took in some of the local scenery.

<===A view from a scenic overlook about two thirds of the way down from the pass on Trans Mountain Highway.

We didn't really do a whole lot but hang out with each other and it was great not to have any schedules or places we had to go. I played outside with the kids for awhile and now they are seeing a kids movie with Mrs. Guitar Ted whilst I type at my snail like pace on here and elsewhere.

<===What you are likely to see in yards here for "weeds".

That about does it for today. Tomorrow will be something else. Maybe a ride, maybe some other tom-foolery. Who knows and who cares. It's vacation, right?

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