Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flying Rocks

First off- no visuals today! A computer snafu has prevented me from getting things downloaded to Blogger, so I'll try again tomorrow. Sorry about your lack of "stimulation", but there ya go!

Anyway, it was back after it on the Fisher HiFi Deluxe today on Franklin Mountain. The timing was right so I went for it. I did the same loop for testing purposes that I had done on Monday. The funny thing was, this time I had gears and man! Did it ever make a difference! I smoked the loop in half the time it took on the single speed. Of course, some of that was trail familiarity, but a lot of it was being able to get into a low gear and grind over stuff I was walking up on the single speed.

I'll be honest, the single speed thing here was a killer! I really got beat down from working myself so hard. The climbs are steep, but compounded by loose rocks, step ups, and cactus avoidance. I ended up walking a fair bit. That was where it took a longer time on the SS for sure.

Today was different. Right off the bat I was carrying far more speed and climbing much more of what I had walked just two days ago. Still, there were some sections that would necessitate my having some more practice time to clean. I am confident I could make the whole loop with more riding time. The thing is, I was being cautious because I was riding in some dangerous terrain alone. One small mistake could have ended up being a very bad situation.

Well, the Fisher Hi Fi was a blast! I was cruising along at a clip that was almost too fast for a newbie to these parts. I had to reel it back in a few times. The last section of trail I rode was called Cory's Quarry. Man, did the name ever fit! Wait until you see the pics I got. Anyway, the rocks were big, loose, and everywhere. I had fist sized rocks flying up and hitting the bike and one nailed me in the shin. No harm done, but that isn't what I like to see in my peripheral vision- rocks that ought not to be airborne flying up in close proximity to my tender bits!

So, I really enjoyed today's ride and it was a great way to cap off the riding part of my vacation. I am dedicating the rest of the time here to family, so no more rides till I'm back in Iowa. Too bad! It's absolutely beautiful and epic riding here.

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