Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sand Storm!

Well, I have arrived in one piece in El Paso Texas with my family and two bicycles. The trade off for snow was sand blowing so hard it filled the skies, was blowing across the roads, and was even drifting in spots over the edges of the highway. Nothing a tried and true Iowan can't deal with, especially after this winter! At least the temperature was better- 81 degrees! I think I got a little sunburn from playing outside with the kids when we got here. Hey, I had to. I haven't been able to play outside in shirt sleeves for a long time!

So, I am planning to get a big helping of Franklin Mountain sometime while I'm down here on board the two bikes I brought down. When exactly that will be is yet to be determined, but plans are being co-ordinated now and it will happen. Hopefully the sand storm is over or it will have to wait until it is. Winds blow pretty strong and steady down here when they blow.

That's it for tonight. Stay tuned for irregular updates throughout the week.

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