Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just Another Sunny California Day

<=== Retro Freaks, rejoice! Get one of ten!

I spent most of day one getting re-connected with old aquaintences and picking up some news. I love 29"ers, but I just about ripped my head out of it's socket when I saw this Tomac 10th anniversary drop bar replica bike. Way cool details like the original drop bar, laser etched with the "JT" insignia by Cinnelli who made the bars way back in the day. Some German collector provided Tomac Bikes with them. And a Dura Ace 9spd STI lever mated to a bar end front shifter. How about vintage Manitou flat lack and lettering on the new Manitou fork. Just a super cool rig, and it's torched up by the guy that made the originals too, Chris herting, who used to weld Johhny T's bikes back in the day. Hurry if you want one, only ten will ever be produced, all custom made to order.

<===Carlos, take notice!

There are always some crazy company rigs around. Check out this Durango done up in primer green and blue belonging to Oakley.

Pretty crazy stuff.

I saw Mr. 24

He's fit and ready to rage!

More coming. I've got to run and try not to get too sunburned!

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