Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey! I'm Trying To Get Ready Here!

With all the snow and ice gone I was excited to be able to get out on some rides around here. Sure, I never expected that things would be all that great right away. I mean, the ground and a lot of the gravel roads haven't been uncovered since last December around here. You'd expect conditions to suck early on, but you'd also expect a slow improvement too.

Well, we're stuck in this seeming holding pattern of crap-tastic weather lately. I wake up this morning to the sound of rain and see that the temperature is a balmy 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Great!

I suppose I could suck it up, don the rain gear, and call it tough man training. Or, I could just call it what it is. Crappy weather! I really do not see the need to run my self into the ground in this stuff. 'Causes sickness, it does. Mama always said so. Besides, I've been running myself into the ground at work anyway. Everything is traning, right? I mean, I've done over 60 repairs in three days, so it's not like I have time to sit around, ya know? Lots of walking, lifting, and wrenching. I call it base training.

I can only hope that the weekend is better, but now they are talking snow! Wet and cold, even if that is wrong. I guess I'll have fun while checking a few things out on the Trans Iowa course any way.

I've been tweaking on the Pofahl lately. Getting bits to turn it into the long hauler single speed gravel machine. Mounting bottle cages here and there. Got a top tube bag. Now I only have to have some time to test the set up. I may invest in a small frame bag if it all works out, or I'll transfer over to the Blackbuck and go from there. We'll see, but we have to have some decent weather first!

This all may have to wait until post Sea Otter and post Trans Iowa. Busy times require desperate measures. Craziness.............

Stay tuned!

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