Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Final Day

<===It's another way to ride a Big Dummy, dummy!

Sea Otter is a big bicycle fest of the best kind. Lots and lots of really cool folks and bikes rolling around at all times. You just never know what you might see around the next corner.

I was standing at the Twin Six booth when up walks a couple of tall leggy blondes with their tops nearly undone. The one speaks up and asks Brent, (One of the Twin Six super cool dudes) if she coud get a jersey for a friend, "that was a bit locked up." British accent on top of it all. Weird! You just never know, ya know?

<===Jeff Jones talking to a festival attendee about his custom bike.

Their Are racers, famous bike people, and their bikes all over the place here. I'll be on the look out today for more, because this is our last day here. Tomorrow morning at "dark-thirty" I'll be on my way back home to Iowa.

Can someone make sure the sun is turned on when I get back? I'm getting used to it out here and I'd miss it dearly, I'm afraid, if it isn't here when I get back!

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