Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rollin' Cali Style

<=== Rollin' the caddy, baby!

We all made it to San Francisco today, Tim Grahl, Arleigh Jenkins, and myself, for the big Sea Otter to-do tomorrow. Tim got a rental car and they were trying to get him to upgrade to a Caddy. He declined and paid regular price, and look what we got!

The thing flat out hauls the mail and has a growly exhaust note that would make any teen proud. Cool stuff.

<=== Flying down the 101.

We made it on down To Monterey eventually after goofing around here and there. We got in with the Twin Six crew and had some beers and food later on. Good times were had and lots of tall tales were told.

Tomorrow, it is all business though and I'll be a runnin' foo!

<=== Got my lunch from this joint today!

Ever had anything from this place? Lots of organic, healthy sort of stuff here. I had sushi spring rolls with wasabi sauce and some flax seed tortilla chips with olive humus. Washed down with natural fruit juice Raspberry lemonade. Good eats! When in Cali, eat like the Cali folks do, right?

Okay, more tomorrow when real work will be getting done. No, really!

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