Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On The Road: Sea Otter

<=== One of the crazy peripheral activities going on during Sea Otter. Maybe I'll be at this......who knows!
Today marks the last "regular time" post for the week as by about 5:00am CST I'll be driving to Des Moines to catch a flight out to California to attend and cover the Sea Otter Festival. I'll be doing my Twenty Nine Inches gig out there. I will be posting some stuff here though, probably everyday, since I'll have wifi at the Sea Otter Media Center. Plenty of folks will be milling about and I'm sure some sort of weirdness will occur at some point that should be "blog-worthy"
Speaking of weirdness and things going on, I'll probably be doing some after show hours stuff, but as far as just what that is, I haven't a clue yet. The only night spoken for so far is Thursday evening when I'm scheduled to meet with some of the Salsa Crew and meet francois of mtbr.com fame.
Oh yeah, and the Dirty Blue Box is up and running again! This is good news because I need that rig not just for getting me to the airport, but for getting me around Trans Iowa again this year. Funny thing is, it still has gravel dust in it from last years event! Oh well, I figure a little more can't hurt, right?
Another thing about Trans Iowa: We have got a fantastic crew of volunteers rounded up to help out. I couldn't be happier about this. Trans Iowa is pretty tough to run across 300 plus miles of gravel and having the quality people we have helping keep eyes on the field and checking folks in and out will be a huge help.
Finally: I have found an audio-blogging tool to do Trans Iowa Radio with on a site called Utterz. I'm not making this up! Their icon is a caricature of a Holstein cow. Really! At any rate, it should work like all the other Trans Iowa Radio broadcasts in the past. You will be able to pick that up by clicking on the posts when they show up on the Trans Iowa site or on this blog. I plan on posting a test/teaser audio post really soon to see if it works as advertised. Stay tuned for that.

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