Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Musings

Long Travel 29"ers: I have been discussing long travel for 29"ers recently and just what "long travel" for a 29"er is. In a nutshell, it isn't what you would think, (Stop with the 26"er comparos) and it's already here. I believe more and varied choices are on the way too. Check out my recent post on Twenty Nine Inches for more on this rarely discussed topic of what is long travel for 29"ers.

Trans Iowa News: Even though I didn't get out in the Dirty Blue Box to do any Trans Iowa recon, that doesn't mean I don't have some news! Oh no! I got yer news right here: Gravel Road Conditions- soft, wet, and slow with water sitting on top of many saturated sections. Some parts of the route are still primo dry and fast, but other sections are needing some sun, wind, and time in both to recover. Fortunately the weather looks to co-operate on this one for at least the reast of this week. Volunteers have been called up. If you have contacted me about volunteering and didn't hear from me this weekend, get a hold of me! Some of your spam filters are a bit over zealous!

Sea Otter Trip: I've got one more "normal" day after today and then it is a day of travel to California to hit up Sea Otter and see the new stuff being introduced, catch up with old friends and new, and walk that long, steep hill up to the media center umpteen million times! I'll obviously be posting at odd times throughout the rest of the week, but do stop by and check out the latest. I'll have my camera at the ready and I will have wireless access everyday at Sea Otters media center and at various wifi terminals along the way to and from. Regular postings should start again a week from today.

Sunday Night Camp Rides: Bike Tech is starting up something I think is long over due for these parts: Casual Group Rides. Yep, for road and mountain bike seekers. These are going to be "no rider left behind" type of fun, skill building rides that will take riders from this area beyond the bike paths and introduce them to the next level of cycling out there if they want it. My main interest will be the Sunday evening mountain bike rides at Camp Ingawanis. You'll need a helmet, a mountain bike, and a Camp Pass to jin in. See Brent ( The Thin Man) at Bike Tech for details on this exciting new gig. Yeah, there is roadie stuff too, but don't ask me about that! Ha ha! See ya out at the Camp soon!

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