Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Parts

<===Salsa steel stem---Nice!

I got in some new bits the other day. First up we have the classic Salsa steel stem. Salsa calls it the "CroMoto" and I have several of these. They look good, don't flex torsionally and come in lots of configurations. This one is a 80mm reach X 90 degree model. (no "rise") The "Lip Lock" face plate is pretty bomber. Very secure grip on your 25.4mm bar of choice.

<===Pronounced: "aay-krohsz"

Next up we have this little German number from Acros. It's a very finely made headset that resembles a certain well known American made headset with a "royal" name. Light, has super smooth cartridge bearings, and comes in several smashing annodized hues. This one is going on my black Raleigh XXIX+G which is black with red accents. Brilliant!

<===It goes "clickety-click-click!"

Here we have an old name from the past with a surprisng product. This freewheel is an Onza product made under their sub-brand "Tensile". Remember Onza? Yeah, the porcupine, the white tires, those miserable clipless pedals, that Onza. (Not the mythical Mexican cat, by the way)

Onza now is into trailsin and BMX over in the U.K. of all things. These freewheels are some of the first bits to re-enter the U.S. market. This freewheel is an 18T, has 60 engagement points for quick engagement, has a hardened Cromoly case that is hard nickle plated and installs with a Shimano bottom bracket tool. Completely user serviceable too. I've got mine on my OS Bikes Blackbuck right now.

<===Gears be Gone!

I kind of miss my Raleigh XXIX which I had to sell due to its being a size too small for me. So I am going to convert my XXIX+G with this Rockwerks single speed conversion kit and review the parts for The Bike Lab.

Notice a red theme here? That's the thing I liked about this converter kit. Let's hope I like the way it works just as much!

The spacers are alloy, and it comes with two stamped steel cogs in 16T and 18T sizes. The tensioner is a "push down" only tensioner, which is okay with me as long as I get my chain length right. I'll be getting the XXIX+G together with this soon. Which raises a question: Will it then be a Raleigh XXIX-G ? Hmm........

I think I'll let my daughter re-name it. She always comes up with killer names for my bikes. Examples: Flying Pidgeon, The Crow, Oliver, Sky, Fire, and Aurora. Maybe some bike company should hire her. I like her names better than a lot of the ones that are decalled onto the frames I ride, that's for sure!

Anyway, look for updates on all these bits coming in the near future!

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