Monday, April 21, 2008

Ten Reasons Why Twin Six Rocks!

Note: I will have more Sea Otter stuff to share, but first I must discuss The Ten Reasons Why Twin Six Rocks......well, because THEY ROCK! Umm...................okay, without further adieu....
#10: Way cool stickers: If you are into bicycles, you probably love stickers too. I am not really sure why that is, but it is. Especially if you are a mechanic. How many tool boxes in bicycle shops have you seen festooned with stickers? I rest my case.
And if you are into stickers, Twin Six has the coolest ones.
#9: The Underdog Factor: Twin Six started out with two guys, a pencil and paper, and a basement. (Well, I'm not even sure they had the pencil and paper, really) They still are basically a super small operation. Americans love underdogs and Twin Six is the underdog of the cycling apparel world. With superior design sense, savvy choices in fabric, and wise grassroots sponsorship, (well.....excluding me! Not everyone is perfect, ya know), they have risen out of anonymity to being the coolest cycling apparel company on the face of the planet.
#8: The Minneapolis Factor: Hey, how could you not like a company that is producing not only the suavest apparel, but is from the same city as the Purple One, Husker Du, The Replacements, and the 3M company? (I mean, those Post It notes.......They rule!)
#7: Generosity: No company is more supportive of the scene than Twin Six. These guys give back so much I can't figure out how they continue to keep truckin', but they do. I know a lot of people are not aware that Twin Six does what they do, because they are not like that. They really wouldn't even like me writing this, they are that way about giving. But I figure that you ought to know, these guys aren't takers, they're lovers!
#6: The Humble Factor: While it's painfully obvious to those that know and love the T-6, the guys behind the icon can't fathom why folks think they are cool. This is probably from being exposed to too much radon gas in the basement warehouse back in the day, but now that they are "above ground", I figure it may start to sink in sooner or later. But for now, you couldn't find two more down to earth guys.
#5: The Working Class Man Factor: Like John Lennon said, a working class man is a good thing to be. Well, you won't find two guys working harder than the Twin Six dudes. They come up for air now and again at places like Sea Otter, but most of the time they are busy scratching out new designs, stuffing t-shirts into envelopes, and boxing up goods to ship to grubby cyclists all over the planet. You can tell it's true by the pale, pasty white skin on their bodies, which haven't seen the sun now for quite some time. I'm afraid that they may mutate into having those bulging eyes that cave creatures get that spend too much time in the dark, they work so hard. gollum!
#4: The Designs: Yeah, it may seem strange, but the designs that Twin Six do came in at #4. I know, I'll see, keep reading!
#3: Celebrities have Adopted The T-6: How cool is it when you see big time cyclists wearing your t-shirts? Pretty dang cool, that's how cool! At Sea Otter, Travis Brown was sporting the T-6, many pro roadie cyclists do T-6 too, like Ivan Basso, and others. When the top dogs start wearing your threads, it says something. Just what that is, I don't know. But it says something!
#2 Cool Quotes: If the Twin Six guys ever surface in your area, then I advise you stay within earshot. These guys not only have some great wearables, but some awesome hearables too. Where else could you ever hear the term "chemical canyon" used in a sentence. Too funny! It's a guarateed good time if you can peel these two away from there work, so don't miss it if you get the chance.
#1: The "Dude Hug" Factor: And coming in at #1.........Dude Hugs! The guys at T-6 like "dude hugs", who knew? I found this out when I put the squeeze on Brent and Ryan at sea Otter. Brent squealed like a school girl and Ryan had to spontaneously urinate they were so thrilled by my offering of affection. Hey, I love these guys and the stuff they do, so I just had to give 'em the ol' Guitar Ted bear hug as a show of my appreciation. makes the world go 'round, ya know?
And there you have it. The Top Ten Reasons Why Twin Six Rocks.
Get yourself some and rock on your bike soon!

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