Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday News and Views

Bigger, Faster, Better: Guitar Ted Labratories just installed a hot rodded version of the electronic command center to better serve you. Bigger 22" screen, more memory, and other bits to make bringing you this scribin' more efficient than ever.

Now if I could only type faster than 12 words a minute!

More Trans Iowa Thoughts: The laying awake at night, thinking mode has started with Trans Iowa and here is some of my initial musings.

I felt that this years course has even better scenery than last years does. Problem is, a lot of you folks will be running through these areas at night. Oh well!

Speaking of night, better get some good lights. Ones that throw some lumens up the road, 'cause you're gonna need 'em!

Checkpoints: Yes, plural. Checkpoints will be at about 100 mile intervals. Same deal as before. You reach a checkpoint, you leave, you get new cue sheets. This will cut down on the amount of sheets you carry, and help us keep track of you better.

Convenience stores: By my accounting there will be only three convenience stores open 24 hours along the route this year. There are other convenience stores, but none that do the 24-7 gig besides the three I know about. Let's just say this: You had better be prepared going into the night Saturday.

Okay, this is going to be a brutal course. Don't expect the cakewalk conditions of last year either. While there is always that outside chance that the winds will favor you, and the weather will be kind, I wouldn't bet on it. I still think last year was a fluke and that those conditions will never be repeated again for a Trans Iowa, but I could be wrong. We'll see!

More sleepless nights thoughts to come............

Dirty Kanza: Got a visit the other day from Joe Meiser of Salsa Cycles fame the other day. He and his lovely wife dropped by the shop to say hello. I was flabbergasted and I was super glad they stopped by. Not only are they cool folks, but Joe gave me some inspiration as to my bike choice for Dirty Kanza. Great to have folks that not only care enough to stop in and say hi, but also help you out with a problem. Look for the results of Joe's advice to be posted soon.

Where Did The Time Go?: Okay, I wanted to be the first to say that! I am looking at my calendar and thinking: Whoa! This month is going to be gone like THAT! And you all know what happens next. Yep! We'll be in the midst of summer next thing you know, and then I'll start seeing the leaves turn color the next moment. All this to say: Don't waste a minute this year folks! If it comes down to riding a bike or mowing the lawn this year, I know which I'm going to choose.

Anybody know of a good lawn grazing sheep that is family friendly?

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